Parts' Management

Benz CAM Manager

The Benz CAM-Manager facility is the Control System for the entire manufacturing environment.

All parts being produced will be managed via index cards. All the relative departments of the business, responsible for manufacturing can obtain access thereto.

CAD/ CAM/ TOOL-Management/ DNC/ PPS/ BDE/ QS - i.e. all the software modules installed and integrated for such purposes, will be entirely administered and controlled by the CAM Manager. This will mean an end to the necessity for repeatedly entering numerous data records and there will be no more differences in data record entries throughout the entire system.

Benz CAM Manager

Address Manager

In order to be able to allocate the job data of the customer, or cost centres, or even the persons involved, these are interconnected with an Address Manager especially conceived for the purpose.
This service will also administer the tooling, manufacturers, suppliers and any other required addresses.



  • search and selection
  • sorting per attributes
  • direct dial telephoning with discussion notes and agreed due dates
  • importing and exporting of address data
  • and etcetera.
Address Manager

Materials' Management

Working materials and work pieces represent the main influential quantities for machining data. The significance of such is taken into account by our materials' management service.

Materials' Management

Benz Kommunikations-Interfaces

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