Machine Tool Pre-Setting

Benz TOOLING Setter


All pre-setting equipment is backed up by serial or parallel printer interfaces. The display of "actual" values, as well as the print function is sufficient to enable a successful integrating procedure. This means, that no expensive PC equipment is required to be supplied by the manufacturers of the pre-setting equipment, outside and separate of our System.

The TOOLING Setter software module makes all the data available, which are vital for the following tasks:


Tooling List

  • what needs to be re-equipped
  • comparative machine tools
  • turnover boards



  • what components
  • alternative machine tool variants


Entry (In)- and Removal (Out) Records

  • Barcode- Bilz- Balluff- or other types of system
  • place of storage, place of use and job number
  • loss or damage reports
  • inventory (stocks) management.


Search and Availability

  • where are the components
  • places of storage: manual and electronic warehousing system, or on the NC machinery


Verification Measuring

  • verification of "nominal" dimensions, "actual" dimensions - testing.

The "actual" dimensions represent the end result of this work routine procedure. The "actual" dimensions including the adapter charged, will thereafter be established in the appropriate NC format and made available to the DNC system for transportation.

Benz TOOLING Setter

Benz Kommunikations Interfaces

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