Tooling Management

Benz Tool-Organiser

"THE Tool-Management of the latest generation" - this is our System, which we are seeking to introduce to interested parties. We have developed a System, solely directed at technicians and mechanics. In this respect, we have taken into consideration the latest available knowledge in connection with new techniques and possibilities. In doing this, we have assumed, that any typical user/operative is not necessarily familiar with IT systems and certainly not one of those "computer freaks", but rather more a specialist tradesman or workforce member, who would welcome assistance and alleviation from the day-to-day occupational stress. It is for these reasons, that we consider the following aspects of particular importance in practice:

  • a high degree of interconnected throughput capability
  • the simplest form of handling and operation
  • graphic displays
  • graphic operation facilities
  • backup support provided by NC programming
  • backup support for pre-setting routines
  • backup support for purchasing
  • a database supported system, requiring no technical servicing and maintenance
  • communication-friendliness with existing EDP systems
  • rapidity of reaction and operation
Benz Tool-Organiser

Individual Component Selection

The set-up of the entire selection section of the system can be freely created as per individual requirements by the user/operative. This is also valid for the graphs as well as for the data record entries and informative notices.

Individual Component Selection

Tooling Assemblies

Tooling assemblies can be undertaken automatically according to logical components, or manually by means of individual on-/inserting routines. Machine tools can be assembled on a machinery-referred basis by taking into account the mounting, holding devices, max. length, max. diameter, machinery T nos., etc..

The CAD Module

The CAD Module enables tooling graphics and graphs to be created, imported, exported or edited. Control contours can be laid down and managed. Such serve as a basis for the selection or the assembly of tooling variants.

Complete Tooling Editing

Tooling components can be moved, inserted or erased in the editing mode. Each individual component can be edited; and all alterations will be brought up to date throughout the system, including all the associated consequences.

Benz Tool-Lister

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Benz Tool-Lister

Tooling Selection

The selection of any machine tool can be conducted purely graphically or according to numbering sequences. Numbering systems from existing management systems can continue to be employed without any difficulty whatsoever.

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