Benz Cam

BENZ CAM Management, gegründet 1993, ist ein Softwarehaus, das Programme speziell für die computerunterstützte Fertigung (CAM,CIM) entwickelt. Industrie 4.0 war für uns von Anbeginn der Leitgedanke, wodurch bei uns intelligente und digital vernetzte Systeme entstehen.

About Benz Cam

The requirements of customers have clearly shown, that the generally operated software systems tend to offer no particular solutions for the challenges arising in practice. Our business was formed precisely to address this demand situation, in order to be able to offer customers the right tailor-made problem solutions to meet their individual requirements. Our company is backed up by no less than 20 years of practical experience on the part of its staff and workforce members spent in manufacturing industries.

Our know-how was generated from practice, where obviously the best basis can be obtained for being able to develop suitable software problem solutions for use in day-to-day manufacturing activities. The people involved, and thus the businesses in which they work, represent the centre point of our corporate efforts.

The Professionals

For Computer Assisted Manufacturing

The Professionals 2

For Computer Assisted Manufacturing 2

Among other aspects, our main objectives are the following:

  • to relieve workforce members of routine industrial tasks
  • to exploit existing resources to the full
  • to provide alleviation from day-to-day work routines and to automate these wherever possible
  • to guarantee increasing profitability from capital investment in expensive plant and equipment.

Our programs:

  • provide for management and monitoring by simple methods
  • provide for rapid manufacturing capabilities
  • provide for flexible planning and thus lay down the basis for
  • cost-reducing decision making.

We are working permanently on the better organisation of more and more of the component aspects of internal production procedures, in order to integrate these into an easily operable overall system. For this reason, we consistently use the most modern techniques, in order to be able to carry out as many tasks as possible, together with the least expenditure on hardware. As is shown in this documentation, our principal emphasis is placed upon ease of understanding and visual working - being two extremely important criteria in the running and controlling of systems. The degree of training depends directly on these two criteria as well as the acceptance of the workforce members involved. The actual system benefits obtainable also result therefrom.

Of vital importance - but not easily brought to paper to be understood - are those areas of task or job, which represent problems only capable of being especially solved by really effective and logical means, and only then can the dependent sub systems properly and rightly be taken into consideration thereafter. In this respect, the strengths of our services provided, are inherent in the interface between the operator and the computer. For ourselves, the quality, throughput interconnection capability, and the security associated with the implementation of our Systems, have absolute priority.