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Chucks, clamps and tool holding devices are also to be dealt with as machine tools in the widest sense. For this reason, it is only consistent, that this area of operations should also be taken into consideration within our System. However, we have gone a stage further and not just dealt with the tooling lists. When machine tools are assembled, then the individual tool holders are also co-assembled to form an entire machine tool assembly unit.
The user/operative, when establishing documentation, can save much time by photographing the entire machine tool assembly unit, or the entire tool holder situation, once or several times by means of a digital camera. The images can be directly read into the System by our software and saved rapidly and stored in an extremely unprecipitated and space-saving manner in the System memory.
The interconnection to the tool holder list is established automatically by means of using symbols. A mouse click on the relative symbol is sufficient for details to be called up and interconnected with the BMS Manager Service.

Benz Photo Doku

Benz Statistics

Evaluations, statistics and accumulations are extremely important aspects of machine tool management. Such aspects actually reveal the effective application of, and benefit derived from any machine tool and consequently, a decision can then be taken as to whether a machine tool is economical in use, or not. The replacement of any machine tool triggers a whole series of tasks. After a successful plausibility verification procedure has been carried out, such tasks can be undertaken within our System, automatically.

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